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Package A
Full Service Wedding Planning and Design 

Imagine today is your wedding day. You’re cool, calm, and collected.
You don’t have a care in the world….except that you are so happy TODAY is your wedding day. 
The doors swing open to reveal the most beautiful sight you have ever seen. As you glide down the aisle, breathing in the aroma of fresh flowers, you’re surrounded by the people you love the most. And then you see waiting for you, at the end of the aisle, is the love of your life. 

You’ve been planning this day for months, and you have had so much fun! Nothing stressful or time-consuming, truthfully, it’s been a pleasure.  You’re so confident in your wedding day because everything has come together flawlessly.  And it’s such a gratifying feeling that your mom and closest friends are ALSO going to enjoy this day with you, instead of working endlessly and missing out on all the magical moments of the day. These are the moments you’ll remember for a lifetime.

You have all the right vendors and a team full of talented professionals behind you, working diligently to orchestrate a phenomenal wedding…a wedding you have only dreamt about, until now.  You are overcome with joy and giddy anticipation to experience the most breathtaking event that is your wedding day!You’ve only done the things you wanted to do leading up to today.  Today is YOUR day…you are exquisite, relaxed, and the best part is you can actually enjoy the wedding you’ve waited so long for.

You have no list today.  Your focus is to have the time of your life as you celebrate the love you both share. 

Sounds fabulous, right?

You’ve just seen what a dream wedding can be, and since you’re still reading, I know that’s what you want for yourself. 

So what now?

Keep reading to find out how we can make this dream wedding day possible for you…

Our Full Service Wedding Planning & Design Package means just that. We will literally do it ALL to make your wedding the dream you’ve always wanted, but never knew if it could be a reality.

From the beginning stages of planning until you have left your reception after a heartfelt send-off, we work with you to plan and design your wedding.  There are no limits to what we can create together. 

Here’s what you will receive with Full-Service Wedding Planning and Design…

  • Initial complimentary consultation.
  • Unlimited consultations in person, by phone or email. 
  • Event design concept and implementation for your theme, design and decor, that match your style and personality and budget. 
  • Attire selection.
  • Etiquette advisement.
  • Detailed budget generation and tracking. 
  • Vendor Selection from the best and most talented professionals to suit your style, personality and budget.
  • Develop and secure all event enhancements including lighting, custom furnishing and décor. 
  • Stationary design and selections.
  • Review and negotiate vendor contracts.
  • Guest List Management and Personalized RSVP tracking.
  • Schedule Salon and Spa Services.
  • Negotiate hotel room blocks for out of town guests.
  • Create event programs, gift baskets and wedding day itinerary.  
  • Organize group activities for out of town guests when needed.
  • Organizing all transportation needs for you as well as your guests. 
  • Create a timeline for all vendors and wedding party members as well as staff. 
  • Assist with menu selection, bar selection as well as catering negotiations.
  • Confirmation of all contracts and letters of intent to all vendors. 
  • Organizing design and menu selection of rehearsal dinner.
  • Direction of wedding rehearsal.
  • Provide a wedding coordinator assistant, as much staff as needed to complete your vision. 
  • Oversee ALL vendor commitments and see they are fulfilled to your satisfaction.
  • Manage the timing of events with your family and Wedding party.
  • Coordinate, manage and Trouble-shoot on your Wedding Day to ensure you experience the wedding of your dreams. 
  • Collect all gifts and keepsakes at the end of your reception. 
  • Assistance with Honeymoon registry when needed.
  • Itemize and include all subcontracted vendors on one invoice from Traditionally Modern Wedding Planning & Design.
  • Ensure Bride and Groom and their family and friends are “Guests” at their wedding.